Retail Bliss, Right Where You Are.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of convenience as you enter a realm where retail bliss harmonizes with residential charm. Our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle is embodied in the on-site retail spaces seamlessly integrated into our community. Experience the joy of having a curated selection of shops and services right at your fingertips. From boutique treasures to everyday essentials, revel in the sheer delight of easy access to everything you desire.
Love you Latte


Beyond being a place for exceptional coffee, it's a warm and community-driven space where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons. With a menu featuring meticulously crafted beverages and wholesome snacks, Love You Latte is not just a cafe—it's an experience. The friendly baristas are eager to guide you through the world of coffee, making each visit a delightful blend of flavors. Whether you're catching up with friends, working solo, or seeking a moment of personal indulgence, Love You Latte offers a comforting embrace in every cup and a welcoming ambiance that makes every visit memorable.


Discover the warmth of your local Citibank branch, where banking meets community. This isn't just a place for transactions; it's your go-to destination for personalized financial guidance. The friendly staff is ready to assist, providing expert advice tailored to your needs, whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an entrepreneur. Experience a hub of financial education and services, making Citibank the trusted partner on your journey to financial success.
Retail Space for Rent


Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and envision your dream shop in our vibrant ground-floor retail spaces, available for lease within our bustling apartment community. This is your golden opportunity to transform your business aspirations into reality, nestled in a prime location where residents and visitors alike converge. Imagine your venture thriving in a space designed to captivate and cater to a diverse audience. Don't miss the chance to bring your unique vision to life – inquire now about leasing one of our coveted retail spaces!
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